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NewMamma is a website is for women who have had or are about to have breast surgery, and are thinking about whether to have breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction is surgery to rebuild a breast shape after mastectomy. The goal of breast reconstruction is to restore the appearance of a breast after mastectomy.



Every year, thousands of women face a breast cancer diagnosis. Yet most women are not properly informed about the options available to help them feel whole and complete again.

New Mamma is an initiative sponsored by International Visegrad Fund and experts from the Slovak Republic ,Czech Republic,  Hungary and Poland for women who’ve had or are about to have breast cancer surgery and are thinking about whether to have post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. Our aim is to educate women about their post-mastectomy options, to increase awareness, and provide access to doctors.

Dealing with the loss of one or both of your breasts can be a devastating, unsettling experience. We want to make sure you know about all the possibilities available for restoring your breasts to their natural shape, and to reassure you about the positive results and benefits of breast reconstruction. Just the fact that options are available is a source of comfort and hope to many breast cancer patients, as they’re able to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”.


For some patients the surgery is purely aesthetic. For others it’s about “closing the loop” on cancer and returning to your normal, confident self. Whatever your reasons, breast reconstruction does not interfere with the treatment of breast cancer or surveillance for recurrence.

And while the surgery is considered elective, the results can have a profound positive emotional impact, including feelings of regained wholeness and femininity, as well as practical benefits such as eliminating the need for a cumbersome breast prosthesis. In fact, many experts consider reconstruction to be an integral part of breast cancer therapy, as the sense of completeness can aid with psychological recovery.

Reconstruction can help you feel comfortable in you skin again, and increase your self-confidence and sense of control over your life. Many women feel a new determination and focus – a strong sense of starting over that ripples outward over family, friends, relationships, interests and work.


This site aims to help you understand what breast reconstruction is and the possible benefits and difficulties you might experience with this type of surgery. It covers some of the physical and emotional issues that having breast reconstruction may bring, and makes some suggestions to help you cope with them.

We describe different methods of breast reconstruction and include photographs so you can see how a reconstruction may look. However, this site can only give an overview of breast reconstruction. It’s important that you discuss all aspects of the surgery with your surgeon.


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