BR Basics

Breast reconstruction is an increasingly common surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon in order to restore a woman’s breast to its desired shape and size after a mastectomy.

What is BR?

More and more women are choosing to have their breasts rebuilt. It’s both a physically and an emotionally rewarding procedure that has become an integral part of breast cancer treatment.

Why have BR?

Surgery for breast cancer is likely to affect how you look and feel in some way. Some women find it harder than others to come to terms with losing one or both of their breasts.

Who can have BR?

Most women who’ve had either their entire breast or part of a breast removed can get breast reconstruction, even if you’ve had a radical mastectomy or lumpectomy.

When to have BR?

One of the first choices you’ll have is whether to undergo immediate or delayed reconstruction. Because each breast cancer is unique, the timing of reconstruction is also unique.

Types of BR

There are many different ways to reconstruct a breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy. Not all surgeons practice all techniques and some options may only suit some people.

Deciding on BR

Deciding whether to have breast reconstruction or when to have it is highly personal will depend on your individual situation.

History of BR

Like many reconstructive procedures, some type of breast reconstruction has been performed for hundreds of years. Medical and surgical advances have brought about significant innovations in the field.

Words to know

The information on this site may at first seem overwhelming and highly technical. Here are definitions of some of the most common words and terms used.